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A Ship, A Plan, A Vision

The Business Plan for the Air, Land & Sea Heritage and Technology Park Our Business Plan contains detailed information about all aspects of this project. The economic impact analysis (estimating the number of visitors, jobs created and spending generated) has been reviewed by the Office of Thomas J. Martin, nationally recognized consultants with a wealth of experience in similar projects.

Our pro forma budget and cash flow projection has been reviewed by RADM Jim Scott, USN (Ret), the world's foremost expert on aircraft carrier museums.

A complete copy of this plan is available at the North Kingstown Public Library. Chapter by chapter, we will post the plan on this website, to the extent that technology allows.

Looking at the all-encompassing picture also requires some statements of vision - where the project needs to go to make that transition from dream to reality. The many facets of the Air, Land & Sea Heritage and Technology Park are presented here, to give that vision a sense of reality. We can indeed do this, with your help.

  • Project Summary - If you don't have time to browse or read the entire plan, check this link out for a quick and complete snapshot of what we're trying to do..
  • The Team - who's who on the Saratoga Team - organizers, planners, architects, designers, and consultants, and testimonials from public figures who support the project.
  • The Park - our vision for the infrastructure and facilities that together make this much more than just a ship at a pier.
  • The Saratoga - our vision of how we can best put the centerpiece of the Park to work.
  • The Site Plan - the physical layout of the Park and its relation to our neighbors has been carefully thought out.
  • Education - the focus of our plans to bring this project to fruition revolves around education, the implementation of which is crucial to success.

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