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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Museum is to preserve and interpret its principal artifacts, the Soviet cruise missile submarine Juliett 484 (and eventually the super carrier USS Saratoga), to educate and entertain the public while serving as a constant reminder to future generations of the sacrifices of those who have gone before. The carrier and the submarine will be the principal elements of a self-sufficient Heritage and Technology Park that will:

  • Honor veterans of all services;
  • Educate the public about the cost of freedom; and
  • Motivate youth through innovative programming.
Focus will be on 20th century naval and aviation history, centered on the roles played by ships named USS Saratoga, interwoven with the historical fabric of the part played by Rhode Island and Rhode Islanders in the protection of our nation. In a collateral role, the Russian Sub Museum will focus on the Cold War, commemorating the proud service of sailors from both the former Soviet Union and the United States during those difficult days.

In accomplishing this mission, the Museum will become a valuable community asset, with demonstrable economic, cultural, educational and quality of life benefits.

Specific Goals

The USS Saratoga Museum is tasked to educate and inform future generations about the ships and aircraft which defended our freedom, the people who developed and built them, and the men and women who served in them. In order to accomplish that mission, the USS Saratoga Museum will:

  • Restore and maintain the USS Saratoga (CV-60) and the Russian submarine K-77, commemorating these ships, the World War II carrier (CV-3) and all previous US Naval ships named Saratoga;
  • Acquire, preserve, protect and interpret vintage aircraft and other artifacts relating to ship/aircraft operations and maintenance in general, and ships named Saratoga in particular;
  • Collect and display materials associated with Rhode Island's naval and military heroes, ships named USS Rhode Island, and ships named for any of Rhode Island's city and towns;
  • Restore to operational condition Cold War artifacts of significance, so they can be observed in the historical environment and context their builders and users intended;
  • Develop exhibitry to show what life was like during periods covered by the collection;
  • Become a true community resource: a safe haven for children, a vocational training center, and an important family recreation and entertainment destination and a facility for major special events;
  • Develop a significant math and science center, a living laboratory for cutting-edge computer technology and virtual reality;
  • Create interactive exhibitry to bring alive Rhode Island's and Saratoga's past and help anchor them firmly in the region's technological future;
  • Work with the Quonset Air Museum and other elements which participate in the Park and support its mission.

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