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Media Watch!

One way of keeping track on what's happening with the project it to follow what people are saying in the media. Newspapers, magazines, and nearly all metropolitan television and radio stations in the U.S. have all produced stories about the project, and many of these have been archived in electronic media accessible via the web.

When searching for information, one should be aware that this information is almost always protected by copyright, and in many cases is NOT free. Many information services, such as those from the Providence Journal are fee-based - if you are a researcher, you will need to pay for the article once you find what you are looking for.

One popular search engine is Google, which culls information from thousands of different electronic media sources available across the web. Search results give access to books, magazines, databases, and newswires; use the search form below to explore Google's repository. The search terms that you see plugged into the form will produce hundreds of results on their own - you can change the keywords in the form to narrow down your search to a specific area of interest.

(Tips on using Google can be found here)


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In addition to what you can find on your own, we have archived several media articles on this web site. They have been made available through the courtesy of their original publishers:

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