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Juliett 484

A once-shining star in the City of Providence.

JULIETT INFO-LINE - 401-521-3600

The Final Voyage of Russian Submarine - 10 AM Tuesday, 11 August 2009

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- What Happened?
- Sub Q & A with Frank Lennon is here.

A collection of photos, courtesy of Ken Johnson and Oakham Graphics, documenting the state of the submarine from 17-18 April in 2007, can be found here [Select this link].


VIDEO - 11 August - the Final Voyage of the Juliett 484 class Russian Submarine, K-77

PRESS RELEASE 10 August 09 - Move of Russian Submarine Confirmed: 10 AM Tuesday, August 11. [Click here to read more]

MEDIA ADVISORY 09 August 09 - Russian Submarine Scheduled to Move at 10 AM on Tuesday. [Click here to read more]

PHOTO ESSAY 26 July - 8 August 08 - Surface Operations Continue: US Navy and Army Divers finish the work to stabilize the Russian submarine on the surface. [Click here to see the photos]

PHOTO ESSAY 25 July 08 - Russian Submarine Surfaces at Collier Point Park: US Navy and Army Divers bring Juliett 484 to the surface. [Click here to see the photos]

PHOTO ESSAY 3 June - 14 July 08 - Navy & Army Divers Begin Salvage Operations: US Navy and Army Divers along with Federal, State, and Local Authorities participate in a joint service operation to raise the sunken former Russian submarine Juliett 484, at Collier Point Park in Providence, RI. [Click here to see the photos]

PHOTO ESSAY 7 June 08 - Navy Divers Enter Sunken Russian Sub: Navy Divers began diving operations on the former Soviet submarine Juliett 484, performing initial surveys and inspections of the interior of the hull as it lay on the bottom. [Click here to see the photos]

MEDIA ADVISORY 2 June 08 - Military Training Mission Begins on Sunken Russian Submarine: U. S. Navy salvage divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO in Norfolk, VA. began arriving this week to prepare for training salvage operations on the sunken Russian submarine K-77, also known as Juliett 484. U. S. Army divers and Naval reserve units will also participate in the mission. [Click here to read more]

PHOTO ESSAY 1 June 08 - Volunteers, Scouts do Site Preparation and Cleanup: U. S. Navy salvage divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO in Norfolk, VA. were joined by many volunteers in site prep and cleanup work as the Russian Sub salvage operation prepares to get underway. [Click here to see the photos]

PHOTO ESSAY 30 August 07 - Joint Army/Navy salvage effort gets underway: [Click here to see the photos]

UPDATE 28 August 07 - Navy And Army May Raise Russian Sub In Joint Service Exercise: The latest chapter in the incredible history of the former Soviet cruise missile submarine K-77 began last week at Collier Point Park in Providence, RI. Navy and Army divers and salvage experts arrived to lay the groundwork for the recovery and stabilization of the sub. [Click here to read more]

UPDATE 22 August 07 - Military Divers Work with Russian Sub Museum: Army and Navy divers will conduct underwater surveys through September 4, to determine how to safely recover a sunken Russian submarine from the Providence River. The media has been invited to observe diving operations and speak with the participants. [Click here to read more]

UPDATE 7 May 07 - In hull compartment survey begins: Divers completed a survey of the river bottom and the pier area, prior to conducting a thorough examination of the outside of the hull. Examination of the port side revealed a mud bank created when sub sank. That bank is holding the sub up, with a 48 degree list to port (away from the piers). She is stable in that position, firmly planted in the mud. The water is about 30 feet deep in that area. [Click here to read more]

UPDATE 2 May 07 - Photos of dive operations: More photos documenting diving operations while performing initial assessments of the submarine [Select this link].

UPDATE 1 May 07 - Underwater assessments continue: A diver attached additional mooring lines to the sub today as required by the Coast Guard before we were able to cut or slack the remaining mooring lines that were under under tension. When we slacked those lines the sub did not move an inch--but the piers moved back several inches into their original position! [Click here to read more]

UPDATE 28 APRIL 2007 - Underwater survey of sunken Russian submarine begins: After several days of careful preparation, commercial divers from Newport-based Northeast Diving Services, Inc. began the underwater survey of the Russian submarine Friday. The purpose of this survey dive was to assess the condition of the hull, determine its position relative to the river bed, and gather data so we can determine the stability of the sub as she currently sits. The sub, which sank at its berth in last week's storm, does not appear to have moved in several days. [Click here to read more]

UPDATE 28 APRIL cont'd - Photos of ROV and dive operations: A collection of photos documenting the view above the water over the submarine and surveys by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), can be found here [Select this link]. Another collection of photos of diving operations conducted on 28 April can be found here [Select this link].

20 APRIL 2007 - Russian Submarine Juliett 484 sinks in major storm: Our former Soviet cruise missile submarine K-77, popularly known as Juliett 484, was swamped by the stern on Monday afternoon, April 17 at the height of a storm. Approximately 30 hours later, the sub sank at its Collier Point Park mooring. Although the actual cause of the sinking will have to await a formal investigation, we believe that the combination of astronomically high tides, the wind pounding in from an unusual direction (east), the heavy rain and the storm surge (perhaps exacerbated by the closing of the hurricane barrier just upstream) caused the sub to ride high on its mooring lines and shift in its normal berth. [Click here to read more]

Any offers of professional services and/or equipment to help us overcome this storm damage would be most appreciated--please call Frank Lennon at 401-831-8696 or e-mail:

Financial contributions to refloat the sub may be made to the Russian Sub Museum, PO Box 28581, Providence, RI 02908.

Our non-profit Russian Sub Museum rescued this vessel once before, and we are determined to rescue it again.

Frank Lennon

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